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eCash4net billing and payment system Limited is a full service eCommerce processing company offering all types of businesses an array of services including credit card processing, debit card processing, electronic benefits transfer, 24 hour customer service, supplies and technical support, and other related Merchant and eCommerce processing products and services.Through network resources, can offer all the necessary credit card services to meet the needs of your commercial establishment in the International Onshore and Offshore market. Through the alliances has forged, merchants can receive the best products and services available.
Accepts: eCash4net,, Neteller, e-Dinnar, Evocash, Netpay, etc..
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ENDEAVOUR Payment Gateway
Endeavour IBS is a leading credit card payment provider with payment gateways operating through European Banks

Accepts: e-gold, e-bullion, evocash
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free debit card
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Accepts: e-gold
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GWallet Plus .com :: money transfer and debit card
GWallet plus is a interface for your financial management and banking needs, with a debit card.
Accepts: gwallet
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