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VirtualGold VG$ - new
VirtualGold is a flexible e-commerce enabled Global Digital Payment System (GDPS). VirtualGold is a unit of electronic currency that can be used by individuals and businesses worldwide to trade on the internet. 100% of users funds circulated within the system are converted to grams and stored in e-gold?.
Accepts: Virtualgold
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A Golden Rock
238% Returns PerMonth!
119% By-Weekly
Nobody can touch us as for as returns and performance...NOBODY!
Accepts: e-gold, paypal
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Send money to anyone with an email
Receive money
Safe and secure
Easy to use

Accept payments online
Accept credit card and bank payments
Low fees
Account security
Accepts: alertpay, e-gold
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BE-Cash is your personal online payment solution. Open and fund your FREE account within minutes and take advantage of special offers from participating merchants. Enjoy low transaction fees, safe online storage, and rapid convertibility between BE-Cash and other online currencies
Accepts: be-cash, e-gold, e-bullion
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Bullion Pay
The Metalex Holdings Corporation specialize in providing instant, irrevocable transactions denominated in our Gold Bullion backed digital currency. Our Bullionpay currency is an extraordinarily safe system as all member deposits are secured by REAL, PHYSICAL Gold Bullion at all times.

Accepts: Bullionpay
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Buy digital gold
Need to buy E gold currency,We Accept Credit Cards and Debit Cards, Paypal, Money order,
no restriction, no limatation, every one every where can buy at %2 only
Accepts: e-gold, Paypal, Credit card, money Order,
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Start Accepting Online Payments Instantly: No paperwork, no approval process! You can register for a account and begin accepting payments on your website in just minutes!
Accepts: e-gold, Evocash, Virtualgold, e-Bullion, GoldMoney, Webmoney, Pecunix, NetPay
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E-Gold Payment System
E-gold payment system. What is e-gold. The power of the e-gold spend..
Accepts: e-gold
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e-Ls payment system
e-Ls is an electronic system of accounting liabilities, using which all persons, wishing to do so, can exchange universal accounting units nominated (for convenience) in different currencies, transferring property rights for any goods and services.
Accepts: e-Ls
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Once the trade has been executed you no longer have to be concerned about funding settlement as it will happen automatically into your egold account
Accepts: e-gold, Evocash, Virtualgold, e-Bullion, GoldMoney, Webmoney, Paypal
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Easyegold is just what the name implies. You can exchange, buy or sell e-currency, or convert your e-currency. Buy E-gold, with the largest eCurrency network.With International bank wire, Cash Deposit , Personal cheques or PayPal
Accepts: e-gold, Evocash, Virtualgold, e-Bullion, GoldMoney
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Exchange, buy or sell e-currency, or convert your e-currency to Cash. All exchanges will be done generally within some few hours, provided that all information is correct . Our minimum fee is %3 on buying, %2 on selling.

Accepts: e-gold, Evocash, Virtualgold, e-Bullion, GoldMoney, Webmoney, Pecunix, NetPay, Paypal
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eCurrency Bazar
Online encyclopedia of digital money currencies and payment systems along with their affiliate programs
Accepts: all
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ECurrency Warrior
Learn how to make serious money trading in the ecurrency markets
Accepts: egold,e-bullion,netpay,goldmoney,dxone,evocash
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DMO support exchanging and Buying With: Gold e-currency. PayPal, StormPay, MoneyBookers, Bank Wire, Check, Money Order, Western Union, Money Gram, Credit Card, Our fees are the lowest on the net 2 % and our customer service is outstanding.
Accepts: e-currency. PayPal, StormPay, MoneyBookers, Bank Wire, Check, Money Order, Western Union, Money Gram, Credit Card
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we sell e-gold to nigerians, we are located in lagos nigeria. we exchange egold for cash you can make payment from anywhere in nigeria including
ABIA Umuahia God's own State
2 ADAMAWA Yola ---
3 AKWA IBOM Uyo Land of promise
4 ANAMBRA Awka Home for all
5 BAUCHI Bauchi ---
6 BAYELSA Yenegoa The Glory of All Lands
7 BENUE Makurdi Food basket of the Nation
8 BORNO Maiduguri Home of peace
9 CROSS RIVER Calabar The people's paradise
10 DELTA Asaba The Big Heart
11 EBONYI Abakaliki The salt of the Nation
12 EDO Benin City The Heart Beat
13 EKITI Ado-Ekiti Fountain of Knowledge
14 ENUGU Enugu Coal City State
15 GOMBE Gombe ---
16 IMO Owerri Land of Hope
17 JIGAWA Dutse The New World
18 KADUNA Kaduna Liberal State
19 KANO Kano Centre of Commerce
20 KATSINA Katsina State of Hospitality
21 KEBBI Birni Kebbi ---
22 KOGI Lokoja The Confluence State
23 KWARA Ilorin ---
24 LAGOS Ikeja Centre of Excellence
25 NASARAWA Lafia The home of Solid Minerals
26 NIGER Minna The power State
27 OGUN Abeokuta The Gateway State
28 ONDO Akure The sunshine State
29 OSUN Oshogbo State of living spring
30 OYO Ibadan The pace setter State
31 PLATEAU Jos Home of peace and tourism
32 RIVERS Port Harcourt Treasure base of the Nation
33 SOKOTO Sokoto Seat of the Caliphate
34 TARABA Jalingo Nature's gift to the Nation
35 YOBE Damaturu The young shall grow
36 ZAMFARA Guasau ---
37 FCT Abuja Centre of Unity

Accepts: e-gold
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Exchange eCurrency
Complimentary Paypal to egold exchange offered with purchase of eBook download. Hint: Just go to the fees screen and enter your information and proceed with purchase. The eBook fulfillment is automatic with your exchange and is necessary in order to process your exchange order. Most exchanges completed within hours - not days!!
Accepts: egold, ebullion mostly (but will do others with an emailed request)
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Goods On Demand (G.O.D.)- gold denominated digital gold currency used by International Order of Freedom on its service FreeTraders. Members operate remote access member sites (RAMS) and accept G.O.D. for goods or services. No fees for trades. Join and get credits = 1 oz gold.
Accepts: Members exchange goods, services, gold or any currency. All ecurrencies accepted.
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Global Digital Currency Association
You are online right now! You buy, you sell, but who do you trust? You would like to sell globally, but your contacts are all local. The world is full of great customers and great merchants, but it has plenty of bandits and thieves. Examine listings of businesses in the digital currency economy, with reviews, comments, and a simple and very easily-understood rating system. Find buyers for your products and services, or sellers for the things you need. Resolve disputes to gain a fair judgement and equitable compensation.
'Because Reputation Counts'
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These accounts are to be opened free of charge, you need it to receive commissions or to pay membership dues. You can transfer and receive money with this programs also world-wide or send money to your bank account.

Accepts: dx-gold, e-gold, e-bullion, evocash, ...
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Green Zap
Have you heard of GreenZap? They are a new online payment site (similar to PayPal), except they are much more rewarding.

Their website will be officially launched this summer June 2005, but you can pre-register now and earn some great rewards before then. Plus, if you open an account now, you will get $25 from me!

Make sure bengold appears at space before the Go link. If not, type bengold as your code to enable me gain credit for refering you.

Just click the link to signUp for your own free account and get $25 Now:

Accepts: e-gold, paypal, netpay
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i-gold or, Internet Gold is a Digital Currency or e-currency issued by i-gold Corporation, backed 100% by physical gold.
Accepts: i-Gold
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INT Gold
The internet Gold digital service, ideal for fast online currency exchanges
Accepts: All Currencies
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JensleyNET PAY
Send and Receive Money worldwide via Email Address, Get access to your Fund from any ATM machine worldwide with the VISA and MASTERCARD sign with the JensleyNET PAY Debit Card.
Accepts: PayPal, E-gold, NetPay
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Make Extra Naira
Buy and Sell EGold. Register for Massive Gold
Accepts: EGold
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Mazu Money
See how you can profit from currency exchange. Mazu money will show you how you can earn money month after month with e-currency.
Accepts: netpay,e-gold,e-bullion
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MLFx - Quality Forex Training. Learn Currency Trading Today!
Make easy money from home by learning forex currency trading. There�s a new Forex site in town. (Major League Forex). Perfect for people that are new to forex and also for experienced traders. We specialize in pivot point Forex as well as day trade Forex, Forex online training and Forex arbitrage. Anyone that is interesting in learning Forex will enjoy our top of the line training programs. Our live training room is now up and running.
We offer�
Basic Training Course
Advanced Strategies Course
Forex Simulator
Pivot Charting
Desktop Pivot Calculator
Live Trading Room
�and much more.

Accepts: Paypal, e-gold
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Network Pay - Global Online Payment Systems
NetworkPay is well-established online currency and payment system with a safe and secure user interface, prompt and responsive customer service, and easy means to convert to any other online currency
Accepts: Network Pay
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NetworkPay is an online payment prcessing system with a 6-tier referral program.

Accepts: E-Gold, NetPay
(Added: Dec 7, 2003 Hits: 3304 Rating: 0.98) Rate it! Webmoney, E-Gold, RUpay : Exchange Office Webmoney, E-Gold, RUpay. Exchange Office in Minsk, Belarus.
Accepts: Webmoney, E-Gold, RUpay
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Exchange, buy or sell e-currency, There are a lot of people these days investing and making money in the stock markets all over the world. It can really be profitable, safe, fun, very exhilarating and sometimes, it's almost intoxicating!
Accepts: e-gold, Evocash, Virtualgold, e-Bullion, GoldMoney, Webmoney, Pecunix, NetPay, Paypal
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double your e-gold in 2 days... Plans are 55% daily for 2days or 120% after 2days.. minimum spend 1$ sign up now you wont lose just double. quick easy investments
Accepts: e-gold
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PayPal lets you send money to anyone with email.
PayPal is free for consumers and works seamlessly with your existing credit card and checking account. You can settle debts, borrow cash, divide bills or split expenses with friends all without going to an ATM or looking for your checkbook.

Accepts: PayPal
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PayPay - Payment Technologies
Send or receive money worldwide to PayPay account, bank account, email and SMS (text message) either by Internet or mobile phone. Users may send or receive money to/from not registered partners.

Type your payment order in simple text format to send money or pay and send it.

- website buttons
- Drag & Drop shopping
- mobile phone payments
- PayPay code to simplify online payments
Accepts: PayPay
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Pecunix is a currency based on gold - not on paper value, not on dollars or yen or lira or pounds, but on pure, solid, real gold.
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Princess Card
Princess Card is an Internet based payment system. Using our e-currencies (USP - USP means USPrincess, and it is the Princess Card e-currency - and/or EUP) you can pay and be paid worldwide, at anytime, safe, fast and easy.
Accepts: E-gold
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Serving the global communities ecurrency needs. Send or receive cash anywhere in the world.
Accepts: ebullion, egold, EVOcash, Friendlypay, Fypay, intgold, Netpay, Paypal, Propay, SFIpay
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Accepts: e-gold, RPM, GoldMoney
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sale and invest your egold
sale, invest egold, get paid for your gold,Paypal, paypal for your gold,make money with your gold, invest $10 and get 14within one week,
sale your gold, invest your gold, transact you ecurrency,sale, invest, transact,
Accepts: egold, Paypal and all the others
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Email Dollars Worldwide - To anyone with an email address (even if they don't have an SFIpay account)
Instant Payment/Receipt Notifications - You are notified instantly via e-mail when someone sends funds to your account or when you send someone funds from your account!
Merchant Tools - Accept online payments immediately with SFIpay Merchant Tools! A purchase button on your site in 2 minutes
Escrow - The safe way to do business online. Our Escrow system ensures that the interests of both buyer as well as seller are protected and in case of any dispute, SFIpay can step in as a middleman and solve the issues in a proper manner.
Accepts: SFIpay, E-gold, Netpay, IntGold, Be-Cash, VeriPayDigital, Credit Card, Online Check, Check, Money Order, MoneyGram, Western Union, EMO, etc.!
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Use StormPay for all of your online transactions!
Accepts: credit card, check (cheque), bullion systems (e-Gold, etc.), online payment systems and more! ...
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TransaCash - Virtual Online Cash Transfer System
TransaCash is a Truly International virtual cash transfer system. Our system is fast, efficient and secure. All you have to do to get started is sign up for your own FREE account and follow the simple, and easy instructions provided. With TransaCash you can send and receive money to and from anyone with an email address anywhere Worldwide! You can also deposit, withdraw, and transfer funds to any merchant that support the TransaCash Online Payment System.

Accepts: e-gold, goldmoney, hyperwallet
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UniClear Payment Services Inc.
The most secure, easy international payment system in the world. Has more benefits and features than PayPal.
Accepts: e-gold, evocash, e-bullion, Netpay, INTgold
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WebMoney (WM) is electronic/virtual UNIT OF MEASURE stored in WebMoney purses (high-security electronic accounts).
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$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$4 - Automatic e-currency exchange service (E-gold, PayPal, WebMoney, Moneybookers). Low commission. Profitable partner program. Special offers for VIP-clients. Cumulative system of discounts.Uses SSL for all transactions."
Accepts: E-gold, PayPal, WebMoney, Moneybookers
(Added: Nov 2, 2006 Hits: 3307 Rating: 7.25) Rate it! - international payment system,
controled by central bank, that is the most convenient for e-commerce. e-Ls provides credit and debit cards: Master Card, Maestro and Cirrus (noname/nameless). ELS International provides merchant account that accepts payments from various payment systems. No currency rate risk, no charge back.
Accepts: WebMoney, e-gold, GoldMoney, DigiMoney
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