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providing professional offshore financial services since 1998. Company formation, trust formation, foundation establishment, Bank Account openings, debit/credit cards and more.
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Can Offshore
Offshore banking, Swiss Banking, Panama Foundation and IBC formation services in many tax haven & tax efficient countries from licensed registration agents featuring legal non-reporting tax compliant offshore structures for North Americans and Europeans - also we are a leading IPSP for offshore merchant accounts.
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With our OffShore bank account brokerage service you can open account with Large and well established bank providing; multi-currency accounts, distance operation, trade, investment and brokerage account facilities,
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Together with documents on opening of the account you receive a code card or "Digi pass" (depending on bank) for management of the account through internet.
Account management by the internet, the Fax or e-mail + voice confirmation by the phone.
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Discreet bank accounts, credit/debit cards, offshore companies.
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KisNTel Investor Group Exchange
Individuals can JOIN and receive $25K up to $1M - GUARANTEED* within 90 days or less by obtaining an Offshore Bank Account where we Invest in Commodities & E-Currency Exchange. Great Benefits! Check us out!
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You do need an offshore account or a prepaid card even a full Credit Card, we got what you are looking for, check it out.
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Accepts: paypal, credit card, e-gold, Evocash, Virtualgold, e-Bullion, GoldMoney, Webmoney, Pecunix, NetPay
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Offshore Gold Bank
2.5% per month interest rate on current accounts
Secure and Anonymous Investments
Internet payment system
Escrow services
E-CURRENCY deposits
Affordable rates
Complete privacy no paperwork, no quetions asked
Instant Transactions

Accepts: e-gold,e-bullion, pecunix,goldmoney,intgold
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